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Available for Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens in NYC only. Checkout will be restricted for other locations.
$ 7.50
九層塔    Peak season for basil is from April to November. This culinary herb has a distinct aroma and is usually added last to a dishÊfor flavor enhancement. It is widely used in many Asian cuisines such as the Vietnamese noodle soups. Season: April - November Cooking Method: Added last...
Fresh Cilantro
$ 35.00
芫茜   Cilantro is used to enhance the flavor and aroma in food. Simply chop into small pieces and toss into any dishes whether it is soup, stir fries, or pasta.
Fresh Firm Tofu
$ 30.00
新鮮老豆腐   These tofu are freshly made each day and comes in sizes about 3"x 3". The taste is light and has a very subtle sweetness. The texture is rough and thick, making it much firmer than other tofu and excellent for stir fry. Item not suitable to be shipped via...
Fresh Ginger
$ 3.00
生姜    Ginger is available year round and can last for several weeks before spoilage. It has medicinal properties and can soothe gastrointestinal distress. Ginger is also used in soups and drinks for warming up body temperatures and promote overall health. A case of ginger is 30 lbs. Season: Available...
Fresh Thin Egg Noodles
$ 30.00
蛋面   Fresh egg noodles are guaranteed to be the freshest in the market as they are made upon request. No preservatives and chemicals are added. The noodles are thin styled egg noodles.  This thin style fresh egg noodle is only available to NYC.  Place of Origin : USA
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