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Buffalo Corn Starch - Ingredion
$ 24.00
水牛玉米生粉 In food and beverage products, starches are used as thickeners or stabilizers; they give some of our favorite foods the characteristics that make them unique. Starch impacts and improves the texture, mouthfeel, shelf life and flavor in a variety of applications. Ingredion starches can be used in cereals, soups,...
Corn Starch - Argo
$ 1.50
金佛牌玉米生粉    Ingredients: Corn Starch Place of Origin: USA
Glutinous Starch - Foo Yuen Loong
$ 68.00
富元朗牌加工糯米 Foo Yuen Loong glutinous flour starch is made of glutinous rice. It is perfect for making pastries with a sticky rice texture.   Ingredients: Glutinous Rice Place of Origin: China
Potato Starch - Kari Out
$ 24.00
Potato Starch - Windmill
$ 5.00
風車生粉(馬鈴薯淀粉) Starch is important for all of us; people around the world have diets consisting mainly of foods that are high in starch. Similarly, starch has always been the basis for the Meelunie brand, derived from sources such as potato, maize, wheat, tapioca and pea. Whichever your applications is, our...
Tapioca Starch - CTF
$ 2.00
三鹿牌菱粉    Place of Origin : Thailand
Tapioca Starch - Erawan
$ 2.50
三象牌生粉/西米分    Tapioca starch produces a high gloss and is a preferred thickener for sauces in delicate foods and desserts. Tapioca starch, compared to cornstarch and potato starch, is the best at lightening and inflating (rising) in food making. This starch gives sauces a glossy appearance, aids in browning, and...
Wheat Starch - ADM
$ 37.00
澄面粉 ADM's high-quality wheat starches function as thickeners, extenders, emulsion stabilizers and ingredient carriers in cakes, noodles, pie fillings, soups, sauces, cereals, coatings, bakery and batter mixes, dustings and convenience foods. They also are exceptional binders in processed meats. Our unmodified, modified, and pregelatinized starches are flavor-neutral and improve texture and...
Wheat Starch - Man Sang
$ 2.00
民生澄面 Wheat starch is used as a thickening agent. It is great for making sauces, soups, and gravies.    Ingredients: Wheat Place of Origin: Hong Kong
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