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Abalone Shellfish - Precious
$ 12.00
寶馬牌罐裝鮑魚 16 oz   Abalone is part of the mollusk family and is found in the bottom of the sea . It is a prized delicacy among different cultures. The shape of the abalone is spherical and thick. When served, the texture resembles a combination of scallop and squid and is...
Chunk Light Tuna In Water - Chef's Quality
$ 15.00
廚師質量牌罐頭吞拿魚 Chef's Quality chunk light tuna in water comes in size 4 lb cans. Tuna can be used in salads, soups, sandwiches, casseroles, stuffings, pies, pasta, and wraps.    Ingredients: Tuna Fish (Skip Jack), Water, Vegetable Broth and Salt Place of Origin: Philippines
Dace Fish with Salted Black Bean - Eagle Coin
$ 6.00
鹰金錢牌爱豆豉鲮魚   The flavor of the preserved dace fish has a strong fermented black bean aroma and a pungent salty taste with an oily texture. The flavor is exceptionally unique and is a favorite among the Chinese for a simple add on side dish.  Ingredients : Dace (fish), Soybean Oil,...
Dried Anchovy - Medium
$ 15.00
淡口公魚乾 These dried anchovy are medium size and is used commonly used to flavor stock, broths, and casseroles. It can also stand alone as the main focus in a dish. It adds a salty fishy flavor to dishes. These anchovies are a bit too big to make dishes like the...
Dried Shrimp Size Small
$ 10.00
小蝦米    These dried shrimp are small in size. In addition to flavoring soups, stocks, and casseroles, small size fish can be used to add flavor to more solid forms of food such as flat rice noodle sticks, shumai dim sum, dumplings, etc. The flavor is salty with an addicting shrimp...
Dried Silver Fish
$ 18.00
銀魚乾    Dried silver fish are similar to anchovies and is commonly used to flavor broths or served on the side as a snack. It is a light salty flavor with less fishy taste compared to anchovies. Cooking preparations usually consists of frying, boiling, or steaming the fishes and served...
Dried Snapper Fish
$ 12.00
百花鱼肉 This fish is dried and should be kept cooled for storage. Each packet is about 0.8 lb.  Ingredients : Snapper, Salt Place of Origin : Malaysia
Frozen Dried Shrimp Size Medium
$ 25.00
中蝦米    These dried shrimp are medium in size. Dry fish in medium size are ideally used to add flavor to broths, stocks, and casseroles. The taste is salty with a shrimp aroma. Recipes using dried shrimp include wonton soup, winter melon soups, tum yum soups, miso soups, etc.  ...
Individually Quick Frozen Peeled & Deveined Shrimp Tail Off
$ 95.00
獨立冷凍虾沒壳肠和尾    These raw shrimps are has been peeled and deveined with its tail removed. Each shrimp has been frozen individually and has been packaged together for storage. There are two sizes available: 16 - 20 and 41 - 50. 16 - 20 size shrimp are extra jumbo size and...
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