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1/6 Happy Face Plastic Bag 200 Count
$ 8.00
1/6笑脸胶袋 205 count 1/6 Happy Face Plastic Bag is a premium quality midsize shopping bag with a smooth surface and has a firm strength in holding heavy items such as a 10 lb watermelon. It is perfect for stores to use to bag items for shoppers or for restaurants to store their...
1/8 Happy Face Plastic Bag 165 Count
$ 8.00
1/8笑脸胶袋   This Happy Face 1/8 Plastic Bag 165 Count is a premium quality large plastic bag with a smooth surface and has a firm hold on heavy items such as a 10 lb watermelon. It is ideal for stores to use this to bag large items such as #10...
16 oz Pint Clear Plastic Deli Soup Container With Lid
$ 3.50
80016透明膠湯盒 16 oz Plastic deli soup containers with lids comes in a pack of 10 units. These containers are extremely airtight and excellent in holding liquids without leaking. Each container has a diameter of 4.5" and a height of 3". 
2 - Ply White Roll Towels - Prime Source
$ 5.50
抹手白色紙巾75004327 Prime Source 2-Ply White Roll Towels 30 rolls comes in 84 sheets per roll by 11 inches x 9 inches. There are 30 rolls in 1 case.    Place of Origin : USA
2 lb Glassine Wax Bags - 100 Count
$ 6.00
蠟紙袋/春捲袋 2 lb Glassine Wax Bags has many versatile uses. Most common is for crafting purposes and food storage. Examples of food uses including packing items include spring rolls, pastries such as bread, desserts, fried chicken snacks, etc.   Bag Dimension: 9.25 " L x 4 " W Case Dimensions :...
20-130 Wax Translucent Sandwich Bags - Specialty Paper - 1000 Count
$ 13.00
三明治紙袋 Specialty Paper Wax Sandwich Bags 1000 count. This item can be used for all sorts of needs for crafting and can serve as a food holder as well. It is the perfect size for breads and pastry products.    Bag Dimensions: 7.5" H x 6 " W Case Dimensions :...
32 oz Plastic Quart Container
$ 4.00
32盎司湯胶盒   Plastic Container are airtight containers designed to be leak proof. It can store boiling hot soups or used in the freezer. This makes it ideal for storing food with lots of sauce or soup and soup related items.    Container Size : 5.5" Length x 4.75" Diameter Place...
Aluminum Oblong Pan 1 lb XHD #705
$ 65.00
705石盤/鋁盤 This aluminum oblong pan runs small and is close to a square shape. This pan is ideal for holding hot foods and can be placed on heated / warm surfaces for temperature control. It can hold approximately 1 lb worth of food. Examples include spaghetti, dim sum such as...
Aluminum Oblong Pan 2.25 lb XHD #747
$ 50.00
747石盤/鋁盤 These aluminum oblong pan is perfect for holding hot foods and can be placed on warm surfaces to maintain temperature. The dimension of each pan is 6.78" length x 5.125" width x 2" height. This item comes without lids. The compatible lid for this aluminum oblong pan is the...
Anti-Fog Aluminum Oblong Pan Lids #23
$ 20.00
23號石盤蓋 These anti-fog dome-shaped lids are for aluminum oblong pans and has dimensions of 5.5" length x 4.5" width. These lids are compatible for the following oblong pans: #705, #435, #205, #604   Case Dimension : 21.5" L x 9.75" W x 6" H Case Weight : 7.5 lb
Anti-Fog Aluminum Oblong Pan Lids #47
$ 15.00
These lids are anti-fog and dome-shaped. Each lid is 7" length x 5.0625" width and goes with the following oblong shaped pans:  #747, #403, #107. Case Dimension : 21.5" L x 7.75" W x 5.4" H Case Weight : 5.4 lb
Bamboo Chopsticks in Red Envelope - Panda
$ 2.50
圓形木筷子 These bamboo chopsticks are 9.8" Length and 0.125" Diameter.  Place of Origin : China
Bleach - 101
$ 3.00
漂白水 101 Bleach is a general surface cleaner and stain remover. Bleach is used to disinfect, whiten, and sterilize multi surfaces.    Place of Origin: USA
C Fold Towel 1 Ply CB530 - Tork
$ 4.00
CB530白色抹手紙 These towels are folded in a C shape and has miniature oval designs textured throughout the napkin allowing it to absorb more water than regular napkins or tissue paper. The towel is rough in feel and light to hold. It is designed for drying hands after using the faucet.  ...
Clear Plastic Straws 7.75
$ 2.25
紙包透明吸管 This straw is 7.75 inch in length and is wrapped in white paper. There are 400 straws per box and 24 boxes in a case. The straw has a .5 cm diameter.   The box size is 5" W x 8.25" H x 4.75" D. The weight of the...
Clear Poly Plastic Bag
$ 18.00
透明袋透明 The clear poly plastic bag is 8" x 4" x 18" To seal the bag, simply tape it down, create a knot, or use a heat sealer. The bags come in a case of 430 bags stacked one on top of the other. Note* the bottom is sealed, therefore,...
Clear Roll Bags - 4 Rolls
$ 6.00
透明胶袋卷(小)10x15   These are clear bags rolled up. The dimensions are 10" x 15". The roll has a 4.5" cylinder cone diameter and 10" length. These are the type of bags in the grocery store use to hold vegetables or items for check out. They are thin clear plastic bags that...
Dinner Napkin White 1/8 Fold 2 Ply  NP528PA - Tork
$ 6.00
NP528PA餐巾紙 This napkin is all white with design patterns outlining the shape. The texture is smooth with a bit of roughness.    Tork Napkins are 8.5" x 3.75" at presentation. When the napkin is fully opened up, the dimensions are 17" x 14.5" and has been folded 3 times. It...
Dinner Napkin White 2 Ply #DN268
$ 4.00
唐食纸巾白色餐巾紙 This is dinner napkin is 2 ply and comes in white. One case has 3000 napkins organized into 20 packs.When fully opened up and layed flat, the dimensions are 16.5" L x 15" W. The napkins has been folded down once and twice from left to right. At presentation, the...
Dishwashing Liquid - So Kleen - 1 Gallon
$ 4.00
洗潔精/洗碗液 1 gallon So Kleen Dishwashing Liquid is a green odorless dish detergent. So-Kleen is a liquid hand dish detergent that cuts grease fast, makes dishes, glasses, pots and pans sparkle. So-Kleen is safe on hands and tough on soils. Place of Origin: USA 
Disposable Kitchen Paper Chef Hat
$ 8.00
廚房紙帽   White kitchen hat are used to promote hygiene in the working kitchen.This environment friendly paper hat can help reduce commercial needs for expensive laundry service and can be recycled for other uses.
Drum Liner Black Garbage Bag 46xx 25 Count
$ 8.00
黑色垃圾袋 46 xx This black garbage bag can hold up to 46 pounds. The top is drum liner design and has no strings. Each case has 25 bags.The dimensions of the bags are 44" L x 24.5 " W. The case dimensions are 12.5"W 3.25"H x 15.5"L and weighs 5.5...
Fluted Paper Baking Cup - Reynolds
$ 43.50
紙杯 Fluted paper baking cup are thin paper sheets with pleated patterns. These baking cups are commonly used for baking pastries such as cupcakes and egg custards. The baking cups comes in packs of 500 count.    3 Inch (32 mm x 21 mm) Dimension : 1.75" Diameter x .8" Height 500...
Foodservice Films Saran Wraps - Reynolds
$ 12.50
透明保鮮紙     Reynolds Foodservice Saran Wraps is one of the best in the market and known for its exceptional quality. The food storage wrap features a clear color and has a strong hold with super cling. It will not tear, rip, or have any defects while keeping your food...
Genroku Chopsticks
$ 3.00
四方木筷子 These bamboo chopsticks are 9" Length x 0.5" Width x 0.125" Thick.    Place of Origin : China
Hand Dishwashing Compound Powder - So Kleen - 100 lb
$ 32.00
100磅洗碗粉   So Kleen Hand Dishwashing Compound Powder 100 lb is an economical, powdered detergent for the manual cleaning of pots, pans, dishes, glassware & silverware. So-Kleen Pink produces abundant, long lasting suds even in the hardest water. Soils will not redeposit.   Place of Origin : USA
Large Roll Bags
$ 7.00
大卷袋    These are the type of bags in the grocery store use to hold vegetables or items for check out. They are thin clear plastic bags that can be twisted and tie into a knot at the top. This bag has a dimension of 12" W x 20 "...
Low Fold Dispenser Napkin #632 Pack of 250 Count
$ 5.00
綠色箱外賣紙巾 This napkin is a 1 ply dispenser napkin and comes in white color. It is designed for takeouts. Each pack is has 250 sheets. One case has 18 packs (4,500 napkins)   Package Dimension : 3.5" W x 5" L x 6 " D Case Dimension : 21 "...
Lye Drain Cleaner - So Kleen
$ 3.50
通水管粉 100% Lye white crystals cleans drains like magic. This item is poisonous if swallowed and will cause severe burns at skin contact. Keep out of reach of children. This item comes in 18 oz (1.125 lb) bottle.  Place of Origin : USA
Medium Weight White Spoon SU6BW - Dart
$ 13.00
Each spoon is approximately 6.2" in length and comes without plastic wrappings. Place of Origin : USA
Metal Scrub
$ 6.50
鋼絲刷 This is a heavy duty metal scrub. It will not rust, shred, splinter, or stain. Great for foodservice kitchen in quickly removing tuff greese.   Place of Origin: Taiwan
Microwavable Black Food Storage Container NC8168B - Newspring
$ 5.00
NC8168B黑色膠外賣盒   Microwaveable Black Container NC8168B is great for food storage and can hold about 16 oz. The plastic containers are stackable and reusable.   Container Dimension: 7" L x 4.8" W x 1.25" H Case Dimension: 15.25" W x 20.5" H x 8" D
Microwavable Plastic Black Food Storage Container NC868B - Newspring
$ 5.00
NC868B黑色膠外賣盒   This plastic black container is ideal for food storage whether hot or cold. It is microwave safe and can withstand temperatures from 0 degrees to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Each container is 28 oz.  Individual Base Container Dimension: 8.5" L x 6" W x 1.5 " H (With the...
Microwavable Plastic White Food Storage Container - Rectangle - AHD008
$ 30.00
白色膠外賣盒   This takeout box has a white base with a clear lid cover. It is stackable, reusable, microwaveable, freezer safe, and dishwasher safe.  Base Dimensions : 2" Deep x 8.75" Lenght x 6" Width  Box Dimension : 18" Length x 17.5" Width x 9.5" Thick Place of Origin :...
Natural Hardwood Roll Towels - Prime Source
$ 3.00
抹手紙   7500257 Natural hardwood roll towels comes in 7.875 inch width and 350 feet per roll. There are 12 rolls per case.   Place of Origin : USA
Oven & Grill Cleaner Liquid - S&S - 1 gallon
$ 6.00
爐頭水 1 gallon S&S Oven & Grill Cleaner is a ready to use, highly - caustic, non-aerosol remover of carbon, fat, and grease. Used for oven racks, grills, barbecue grills, broiler pans, deep fryers, and exhaust vents.   Place of Origin : USA
Paddle Bamboo Skewer Sticks 7 Inch
$ 100.00
7寸棒竹簽 These paddle shaped bamboo skewer sticks are 7.1" long and 0.375" wide. These sticks are excellent in quality with a smooth nature green back. These skewers are perfect for holding together shish kabobs, fish balls, chicken wings, potatoes, and other grill food items.      Place of Origin :...
Parchment Paper Pan Liners -16
$ 5.00
大盤底紙   Parchment Paper Pan Liners are thin sheets of paper that is silicone coated and comes in dimensions of 16.375" x 24.375". There are 1000 sheets in the case. It can be used to bake anything.  This item is a one time use. It is not recommended to re-use the...
Pink Powdered Dishwashing Powder - So Kleen - 50 lb
$ 16.00
洗碗粉(粉紅色桶) Pink Powdered Dishwashing Powder 50 lb by So Kleen Pink is an economical, powdered detergent for the manual cleaning of pots, pans, dishes, glassware & silverware. So-Kleen Pink produces abundant, long lasting suds even in the hardest water. Soils will not redeposit.    Place of Origin : USA
Plastic Bag - T Shirt
$ 8.00
10分1胶袋  This bag is the smallest size in our collection. Good for mini takeouts.   Place of Origin : USA
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