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Bottled Water - Kirkland
$ 15.00
瓶装礦泉水 500 ml   Place of Origin : USA
Bottled Water - Poland Spring
$ 11.00
瓶装礦泉水 16.9 fl oz   Place of Origin : USA
Coca Cola
$ 18.00
可口可乐 12 oz Coca Cola   Ingredients: Carbonated Water, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Caramel Color, Phosphoric Acid, Natural Flavors, Caffeine Place of Origin : USA
Diet Coke
$ 18.00
减肥可口可乐 12 oz
Instant Nutritious Cereal - Gold Roast
$ 5.00
金味全家營養麥片  Cereal Non-dairy Creamer Gold Roast Instant Nutritious Cereal, the revolutionary new idea for breakfast that's so convenient and delicious - you have got to try it to believe it. It is the ideal take-along beverage for satisfying anytime, anywhere, for children & adults.  Ingredients : Non-dairy creamer (Glucose Syrup...
Original Nutritious Malted Drink - Horlicks - 2 kg
$ 36.00
Children need to consume nutrient rich foods in right quantities every day. This helps to ensure that they don't miss out on essential macronutrients and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) that are required for healthy growth and development. That is why GlaxoSmithKline have developed Horlicks with NutriFill-max which is power packed...
Ovaltine Malted Drink European Formula
$ 20.00
阿華田  There has been a recent update to the product image. Image will be available soon.  Ovaltine is a delicious and satisfying drink for the whole family. It is a chocolate milk powder rich in vitamins and minerals. The taste is perfectly balanced for a nutritious addition to your day. ...
$ 19.00
百事可樂 Pepsi
$ 18.00
雪碧氣水 12 oz Sprite
Vitasoy Malt Soy Drink 6 Pack
$ 6.50
維他奶  Vitasoy Malt Soy Drink comes in 6 packs of 250 mL (8.45 oz) boxes. The taste is soy milk with a slight nutty flavor. (It is not a chocolate milk taste.) It is sweetened lightly.  Ingredients : Water, Non-Genetically Engineered Soybeans, Malt Extract (Contains Gluten from Barley), Sugar, Sodium...
Vitasoy Soy Milk 6 Pack
$ 7.00
維他奶豆漿 Low saturated fat. Cholesterol Free. Lactose Free. This beverage comes in a 6 pack of 250 ml (8.45 fl oz) boxes. The taste is light sweet and savory. It is one of the top Soymilk brand in taste and quality.  Ingredients : Water, Non-genetically Engineered Soybeans, Sugar, Salt Place...
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