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Dried Arrowroot -

Dried Arrowroot

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Arrowroot is commonly used in its powder form. This product is dried arrowroot slices. 

Health Benefits : Arrowroots are low in calories, gluten-free, and is protein-rich. It helps facilitate weight loss and is packed with vitamins and minerals that promotes fast metabolism and a healthy digestive system. In addition, It helps regulate blood circulation and enhances the cardiovascular system. Other great uses for arrowroot includes antidote for plant or insect poisoning, treating skin infections and wounds including small pox and athlete's foot, and combatting ulcers.  

Culinary Uses : Arrowroot are used in desserts, pastries, and sauces. It is gluten-free and is commonly used as a thickener in Chinese cooking. It has a neutral taste and does not mix well with dairy. 

Ingredients : Dried Arrowroot, Sulfur Dioxide (Sulfites)

Place of Origin : China

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