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Codonopsis Pilosula Dang Shen - - 1

Codonopsis Pilosula Dang Shen


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Codonopsis Pilosula (chinese pronoung "dang shen") is commonly used as a substitute for ginseng. It is a root of the Codonopsis Pilosula plant. It is one of the most valued ingredient in traditional Asian tonic soups. Half pound has approximately 58 - 60 pieces. The length on average is about 6 inches. 

Health Benefits : It contains sugars, phenols, volatile oil, and various nutrients that can improve the immune system and blood circulation while lowering blood pressure. It also helps increase white blood cells related to medical treatments. It is traditionally valued to promote youth by delaying aging and fighting radiation (enhancing skin quality).

Culinary Uses : It is used in tonic soups that is cooked through steam pots. 

Place of Origin : China

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